How to Use the DPRM Banner Template

PIDS, as the agency designated to lead and coordinate the activities for the annual observance of the DPRM, is inviting different agencies and institutions to participate in this year’s celebration. An agency can participate in the celebration by organizing events and displaying a banner/streamer within their institution’s premises. A suggested template of the streamer is shown below:

1) The DPRM banner may be downloaded in actual size (recommended size is 350 cms x 150 cms) from this URL:

2) Open the JPEG file you downloaded in Adobe Photoshop.  The JPEG template looks like this:

3) Insert your agency/company’s logo and name as shown in the example below

(Example shows banner by CSC for 12th DPRM).

For more details, you may reach us at Tel. No. (02) 892-4059 c/o Gizelle or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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