About Development Policy Research Month

Proclamation No. 247, issued by Malacanang in September 2002 declaring the month of September of every year as Development Policy Research Month (DPRM), came at a most opportune time. It highlights the vast contribution of policy research to the socioeconomic advancement of the Philippines.

The Proclamation underscored the “need for promoting, enhancing, instilling, and drawing awareness and appreciation of the importance and necessity of policy research.” Thus, the observance of of the DPRM is intended to gain public support and wider understanding of the importance of policy research as a tool for national development and of the activities in line with it to advance the quality and standard of policy research in the Philippines.

As a leading think tank in the country, the Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS) was designated as the overall coordinator of all the programs and activities in the observance of the yearly DPRM. Being in the forefront of policy research in the Philippines, PIDS conducts policy research on socioeconomic issues to assist the government in crafting sound policies for national development.

In the last 11 years, the celebration of the DPRM has focused on areas that the PIDS considers as primary concerns and issues hence in need of utmost attention and support. This year, the DPRM focuses on addressing the jobs challenge toward inclusive growth.


DPRM Themes from 2003 to 2014

  • Responsive Policymaking Through Policy Research (2003)
  • Policy Research: Helping Provide Affordable Rice to Filipinos (2004)
  • Services Industry: Growth Driver for Economic Competitiveness (2005)
  • Pananaliksik sa Pagpapaunlad ng Pamamahalang Lokal (2006)
  • Enhancing Grassroots Development: A Framework for Local Governance (2007)
  • Managing the Development Impact of International Migration (2008)
  • Coping with Climate Variability and Change (2009)
  • Pananaliksik at Talakayan Tungo sa Pag-Ahon Mula sa Kahirapan (2010)
  • Back to ABCs: Education for Development (2011)
  • Regional Economic Integration and Inclusive Growth: Engaging Nations, Embracing People (2012)
  • Making Health More Inclusive in a Growing Economy (2013)
  • Addressing the Jobs Challenge Toward Inclusive Growth (2014)

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